One of the most common used buzz words in our industry today is “Green.”

While this seems to be straight forward, environmentally friendly, the lack of definition can lead to false claims and misrepresentations.

At Sink Paper we like to break down the term into all of the aspects that make a product “Green.”
With over 300 registered labels indicating a product is “Green” how do we know what is the most environmentally friendly.


Towels & Tissue:

Recycled content is the big check off but what most people don’t look for is waste. If you purchase a “cheater sheet” or smaller roll, you are creating more waste in the form of paper roll wrap, cardboard from extra cases purchased and extra toilet paper cores used, and fuel for more cases transported.


Chemicals have green aspects as well, while Chemistry is a huge factor, other issues are over looked. Are the chemicals solid, if not fuel costs increase the carbon footprint by shipping more cases of diluted chemical than solid chemical. Is the container of the solids or liquids made of recycled content or are they recyclable? Most chemicals come in rigid containers that cannot be recycled.


Foodservice is an excellent area to go green, however if the wrong path is chosen it is done with little positive effect on our environment. Choosing a compostable product may sound more eco friendly, but without proper disposal that product can sit in a landfill for just as long as its non compostable counterpart. Choosing a recyclable material or a recycled container can have a far better impact on our environment due to widely available disposal centers.

Sink Paper takes pride in providing products and services at a fair and honest price to our customers. That means educating our customers on industry trends and the affects of those trends. While a “green” logo may depict an environmentally friendly product, Sink Paper strives to educate on how that product very well could be less environmentally friendly than a product without a “green” logo.

Sink Paper & Packaging will work hard to determine the right approach to make your company as environmentally friendly as possible. We will work with our suppliers to identify the needs and solutions for each and every aspect of your facility. Please contact us today!